Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What do Subterranean Termites Look Like?

Ok so we know the importance of distinguishing between the species of termites, now we just need to know how to do that. I mean we all know that we should exercise to be healthier, but if someone didn’t teach us how to exercise then we’d still be fat asses. So, shall we begin explaining how to spot subterranean termites?

Subterranean termites are the termite species that have to have moisture-rich soil to survive. They live off of little mud tubes to get to their foods. These tube are an ideal way to travel because termites do not have eyes, therefore they rely heavily on their other senses to survive. By making these tunnels, they do not have to wait to figure out where the food is, they just follow the path. They will even burrow hundreds of feet to their food, so just because you see these tunnels and termites does not mean that you have found their nest.

Subterranean termites are a creamy brown color. Like other termites, they have 6 legs and have a long, narrow and oval shape. They are a relatively small form of termite getting around 1/8” in length. They do have antennae and they can fly. Like other termites, their wings are twice as long as their bodies.

A colony of Subterranean termites can get to be quite large and contain thousands of termites. You can clearly tell the difference between the different stages of subterranean termites by their appearance and function within the colony. The workers are the ones who forge for food and water for the colony. You will notice the soldiers guarding the colony to help the reproductives produce more termites. One interesting thing about Subterranean termites is that they construct shelter tubes to help care for the eggs and young.

These termites can do a lot of wood damage. These mud tubes are great for protecting them from their natural enemies known as ants and make it harder to spot them. If you suspect that you have some subterranean termites, do a quick test by destroying some mud tubes and see if they are rebuilt. If the test comes back positive, then consult a professional immediately.


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