Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What do Formosan Termites Look Like?

The final species that we will discuss in identifying is the Formosan termites. These termites are the most aggressive of all termites and are a little bigger than most other termites. They are very similar to subterranean termites in that they burrow underground and build tubes to run around in. However, they do require different treatment so it is important to distinguish these termites from others.

Formosan Termites come in a yellowish brown color. Like every other termite, they have 6 legs. They are shaped like a long and narrow oval like most other termites. Their size is bigger than other subterranean termites and usually average around ½”. They do have antennae and do fly. Look at the picture to further investigate the appearance of a Formosan termite.

Formosan termites live in mud tubes so that they are protected from their natural enemies like ants and to help keep them in a high moisture area. These termites like to live in the cracks of concrete foundations and can provide entry into your property. These termites are very aggressive, but not to humans. Instead, they are known to demolish wood very quickly. If you are diagnosed with Formosan termites then it is imperative that you seek attention right away.

To prevent these termites from entering your property, do not leave any pieces of rotted wood and stumps close to your house. Also make sure that you do not store any lumber on the ground next to places that you do not want to get invaded. You also want to make sure to keep moisture from building up around your house or storage sheds. If you have a faucet outside, make sure that you have some sort of drainage system in place to keep the dripping water away from your house.

Remember that Formosan termites are like all other termites and leave droppings after they eat. After all, everyone eats so everyone poops. The droppings of Formosan termites are slightly larger than subterranean termites and you can find them by poking holes in the ground where you suspect these termites hide at. According to Hawaii, these termites cost residents around 100$ million a year. Don’t let these critters get any of your money!

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